Travel margins are as tight as legroom on low-cost airlines. Profitability is squeezed at every turn. The bottom line? Every basis point counts. Enter Ixaris: increasing margins for travel companies by up to 26%. (And we’re not stopping there.)


Travel payments are painful. But they don’t have to be.

Ixaris payments is an award-winning online platform increasing margins for over 200 customers in 50 countries, from the world’s largest travel brands to independent travel agencies. Use Ixaris Payments to sidestep surcharges, earn rebates, flatten FOREX fees and streamline reconciliation.

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Our systems. Your customers.

Large travel companies love Ixaris API, which expands payments to customers and partners. Used by Sabre, Amadeus, Paxport and Odigeo (to name a few), with Ixaris API you can whitelabel or integrate with Ixaris Payments.


Travel. And beyond.

Before we took off in travel payments, we flew under the radar creating advanced payment systems for banks around the world. Today this is Ixaris Enterprise: a standalone platform that financial institutions and insurance companies use to build the next generation of finance platforms. Fully customisable, Ixaris Enterprise supports any funding and disbursement method.


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